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Cemeteries & Crematoria Act NSW 2013



Authority to act

Burial on private land

Cremated remains are interments

Disputed matters

Exercising interment rights


Interment right holder


  • If there is no estate, who may legitimately claim the right of interment?
  • Upon the death of his wife in 1970, Mr John Smith purchase interment rights for two adjoining (potentially also double depth) graves. He was later buried in the same grave as his wife. Upon his death there was no estate, apart from the then-vacant grave. His granddaughter wishes to claim the graves, so she can inter her own mother’s cremated remains in the vacant grave and then place a monument upon the two graves.

Joint holders

Multiple Rights and Multiple Interments

Perpetual Rights

Public Health Act (NSW)

Relocating memorials

Renewable rights

Revoking rights


Smith v Tamworth City Council

Transferring interment rights

Transferring remains

Unsafe monuments and headstones

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