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  • Aquamation, Alkaline Hydrolysis etc

  • Are there statistics for Aquamation or Alkaline Hydrolysis in Australia?

    I am  researching into Alkaline Hydrolysis (AH).

    I know that AH is permitted under the CEMETERIES AND CREMATORIA ACT 2013 in NSW, however I am having trouble finding any organisations that offer this body disposition method or how many people in NSW are taking this option up.

    What information is available  about the use of  AH in NSW, particularly statistics?

  • Desmond Tutu requested aquamation after death.

    Archbishop Desmond Tutu, who died recently at the age of 90 years, was outspoken about protecting the environment, giving speeches and writing articles about the need to take action to combat climate change. He had requested his body be aquamated — considered to be a greener alternative to cremation.

  • Do it yourself funerals? Yea, OK....

    DIY Funeral 02Hamish Horne drew my attention to a Choice Magazine article on "Do it yourself funerals". .

    I had written on these matters some years ago, which didn't really resolve anything/ So I thought I might try again, if only to see if anything has changed. I'll focus on the NSW situation, but other Australian jurisdictions will probably be somewhat similar.

  • Will ‘Flameless Cremation’ Catch On?

    aquamator imageEric Grundhauser, writing for New Atlas, says bio-cremation techniques make burning the dead look old-fashioned. So what’s stopping people from choosing it?

    Flameless cremation produces no fumes or smoke, and requires much less energy, space (“Technically you could put one of these units on the tenth floor of an office building,” says McQueen), and maintenance than traditional flame cremation. So why hasn’t this cleaner, gentler, more efficient method caught on? Well, it’s complicated.