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  • Last rites: how the Western world has lost its 'death literacy'

    The following from a long but interesting Good Weekend read:

    death-literacy.jpgMany Australians are in denial about dying. Blame decades of outsourcing the entire end-of-life business, say the experts now working to wind back our fears.

  • Maths, science, history and death?

    This could be a school timetable in a state in Australia, if a proposal by the Australian Medical Association Queensland is accepted. At least according to a report in BBC News..

  • OpusXenta: The Millennial Effect (video)

    Recent changes brought about by social shifts are predominantly driven through the way in which the millennials or more broadly Gen X/Y/Z view and engage with the world around them.

  • Writing an obituary or eulogy?

    Obituaries-2016011214-800px.pngI stumbled across Simon Letch's article on writing obituaries that he had published in the Good Weekend magazine in the Sydney Morning Herald:

    Most writers agree: writing can be the pits. But what I've discovered is it all pales in comparison to the sheer brutality of writing a tribute to a loved one who has recently died. It doesn't matter if you believe in the afterlife or not: we honour the dead to console the living.


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