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  • AS 4204 - 1994 Headstones and Monuments in Cemeteries

    Specifies minimum structural design criteria, performance and renovation requirements for cemetery monuments and crematoria memorial gardens above and below the natural ground surface. The Standard also gives guidelines on installation practice and guidelines for war grave monuments. It does not set out to preclude artistic endeavour. This Standard does not apply to pet cemeteries or to public monuments other than cemetery monuments. This Standard is intended for use by cemetery authorities, monumental masons and all personnel concerned with the installation, renovation and general requirements of cemetery monuments.


    1. The standard seems to be out of print locally. The link here is to an international seller.
    2. The standard is currently being reviewed:


    Project Proposal Number: PP1426

    Title: Revision of AS 4204


    1994 Headstones and cemetery monuments  and AS 4425  - 1996 Above ground burial structures

    Proponent: Australian Cemeteries and Crematorium Association

    Sector: Building and Construction

    Type of Proposal: Project

    Number of projects: 2

    Committee: BD - 071

    Scope: Revision of AS 4204 -1994 Headstones and cemetery monuments and AS 4425 - 1996 Above ground burial structures

    Pathway: Standards Resourced

    National Sector Manager: Tim Wheeler

    Contact Details: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

  • Can maintenance and/or restoration of monuments take place without family consent?

    Our Council has agreed to heritage grants for restoration works in some of Council's monumental cemeteries. Can works be carried out without consent from existing family members? What processes do we need to go through in order to get proper approval. My first thought is that each one would require an application and proof of Right before any works can go ahead.
  • Cleaning monuments with laser technology

    We were intruiged by a recent University of Melbourne presentation   introducting  laser cleaning for conservation and cultural heritage applications. The presentation  introduced the science of what happens during laser cleaning treatments when laser pulses interact with different materials, important safety protocols and the general benefits and logistics of using environmentally friendly laser cleaning as an alternative to chemical, abrasive or mechanical methods. Treatments where lasers were used in combination with traditional conservation methods were also be discussed, as well as examples of successful applications and the limitations of laser technology.

  • Commemoration, Memorials, Headstones and Monuments

  • Griffith law firm says council notices at cemetery misleading, council amends notices

    griffiths cemetery nswThe Area News in  Griffith (NSW) reported that a  law firm has slammed council’s blanket prohibition of ornaments at the city’s cemetery, labelling its notices “misleading” and casting further doubt on the legality of the ban.

  • How a UK cemetery approaches monument & headstone safety

    You may have read about a NSW local government authority's efforts to manage risks associated with hazardous monuments and headstones, and how it had to pull backwhen citizens started to complain. I have some sympathy for the officers concerned; I have been there, done that. There is no easy way forward on this sensitive issue, but here's how the local Council in Solihull (UK)approaches it. Note that it starts with the media...

  • Media Release - Standards Australia to work with CCA in Monument Standards Review

    ccalogotransparent dropshadowAs you may be aware, the Cemeteries and Crematoria Association of NSW (CCA) had submitted proposals to Standards Australia to review: 

    • AS 4425-1996 Above ground burial structures
    • AS 4204-1994 Headstones and cemetery monuments.

    We are pleased to advise that Standards Australia have accepted the proposals.

  • MidCoast Council address public meeting at Wingham Bowling Club regarding The Bight Cemetery

    According to the Wingham Chronicle,it was standing room only at the Wingham Bowling Club on Sunday, August 11 at a public meeting held for the community to express their concerns about the damage done graves at the Bight Cemetery under MidCoast Council's Monument Risk Assessment Program, and for council to address the public.

  • MidCoast Council has composed a map and gallery of graves online

    Midcoast Councilis  currently developing an action plan for the repair of damaged headstones at the Bight Cemetery Wingham. The Council says is committed to working with families to ensure the restoration of the headstones that were incorrectly laid down. It is currently undertaking a review, following which a report will be put to a Council meeting.

  • NSW Coroner's finding into the death of child killed by falling monument

    In November 2016, a toddler at Black Head Bowling Club with her family to attend a 50th birthday at a club with extended family and friends, was killed by a monument that fell on her. The NSW Coroner has now released a finding resulting from the inquest into the death of Indy Henderson.

  • NSW Midcoast Council accounces cemetery monument safety survey

    Commencing this week, MidCoast Council is undertaking a program to ensure memorial monuments are made safe in cemeteries across the MidCoast region.

    "We're assessing monuments in cemeteries, and where they pose a public safety risk, they will be laid down, with inscriptions facing up and visible," said Council's Manager of Community Spaces, Recreation and Trades, Dan Aldridge. Council will also take photos and keep records of inscriptions to ensure the preservation of full information about each monument and those buried there.

  • Palmerston Council (NZ) to remove construction material restrictions over graves

    Palmerston City Council in New Zealand is proposing to revoke in its entirety clause 11.7 from its Cemeteries & Crematorium Bylaw 2018, which states ‘No person may decorate the soil of a grave located in the lawn cemetery with the use of construction materials such as concrete, stone or metal or with the construction of fences or pavement

  • Public Comment invitation: Review of AS 4425 Above ground burial structures

    Australian Standards Committeee BD-071, Cemetery Monuments advises that the   "AS 4425 Above ground burial structures" review is open for public comment.

    You can view the draft and any incoming comments here after by entering your SA Connect login details:

    Public Comment will close on 15/08/2019 at 23:59.

  • Public comments invited on draft Australian Standard 4204

    The Standards Australia BD-071 Committee is pleased to advise that after a number of  very productive and collaborative working committee meetings through 2017, public comment for (draft) AS 4204:2018 “Headstones, Monuments & Commemorations” will open on Monday 23rd April.  Public comment will be open for  9 weeks and closes Monday 25th June.

  • Review of AS4204 Headstones and Cemetery Monuments


    Standards Australia logoMartin Forrester-Reid, Chairperson of the Technical Committee BD-071 Cemetery Monuments has advised that the drafting of AS4204 is now complete. Unfortunately delays in receiving content from committee members and a backlog of editorial work within Standards Australia’s Publishing Services department has delayed the draft of AS 4204 going to public comment. 

    Standards Australia is working to have the document released for public comment in the coming weeks. The next BD-071 Committee Meeting will be convened after the public comment period has closed – in April or May 2018. The primary purpose of this next committee meeting will be to resolve comments received from the public.

    When the draft AS4204 becomes available, a copy will be forwarded to CCANSW members seeking comment.

  • Two of Us: they both work in cemeteries – but not together

    Brisbane-based memorial architect Pete Macfarlane, 55, introduced scientist Mandy Cotman, 48, to stonemasonry when they met. Both now work in cemeteries: Pete creating new memorials, Mandy restoring old ones.

  • UK: Boy's headstone death 'could have been prevented'

    Police incident at Craigton cemetery Cardonald Glasgow

    The death of an eight year-old boy who was hit by a headstone in a cemetery could have been prevented, a sheriff has ruled. Ciaran Williamson was critically injured in Craigton Cemetery in Cardonald, Glasgow, on 26 May 2015. A Fatal Accident Inquiry concluded Glasgow City Council did not have "an active system of inspection to ensure the safety and stability of memorials".

  • USA: Tent Graves of Mt. Gilead Cemetery

    From AtlasObscura:

    A fascinating group of tent-shaped stone grave coverings, most over 150 years old, stand in Mount Gilead Cemetery in White County, Tennessee. These folk style grave coverings, called tent or comb graves, are found primarily in Tennessee, but examples have been found in Kentucky, Arkansas, and Georgia

  • Vandalism at Albury's Pioneer Cemetery

    In response to nine headstones being vandalised at Albury's Pioneer Cemetery, an OpEd piece in the Border Mail (Albury) begins with


    It is a pointless, selfish stupid crime, yet there seems to always be another bunch of idiots already lining up to take their turn.

    The culprits, if caught, usually come up with their empty plea of being bored because nothing is provided for them to do. It’s a lame excuse borne out of a lack of respect and a failure to take responsibility.

  • Walter Burley Griffin's grave gets a make over

    CityNews reports Canberra's designer & architect, Chicago-born Walter Burley Griffin, was laid to rest 83 years ago in a derelict cemetery in Lucknow, India. You have to look hard to find his grave, as Yerrabi MLA Deepak-Raj Gupta discovered.

    “People just don’t know about it,” Gupta said.


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