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  • OLG: 20-16 COVID-19 Economic Stimulus Package

    The Office of Local Government (OLG) has released three new resources that will assist councils to apply for the Council Job Retention Allowance Subsidy, a key element of the COVID-19 Economic Stimulus Package.

  • A short, important survey for members

    The CCANSW board needs your input to a short survey about webinars and whether it ought to be hosting them. 

    Once you're logged in on the CCANSW website you can access the survey here. Alternatively,

    Once the survey page appears, click the "Take The Survey" button and on the next page "Start the survey"


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    If you want to receive instant alerts when we publish information about upcoming webinars, join the webinar mailing list.






  • Adelaide's West Terrace Cemetery; Murder, Mayhem, Monument Masons and a CEO!

    There are some exciting and informative events coming up in Adelaide's historic West Terrace Cemetery. You'll find them listed in our Community Events Diary.

  • CCANSW Full Membership Subscription Rates

    1st JULY 2019 to 30th JUNE 2020

    Category Total number of interments and/or cremations conducted for the year ended 30 June 2019 Base Fee Category Fee Subtotal GST Total
    A 1- 150 $274.00 $327.39 $601.39 $60.14 $661.53
    B 151- 500 $274.00 $560.38 $834.38 $83.44 $917.82
    C 501- 1000 $274.00 $1,241.11 $1,515.11 $151.51 $1,666.62
    D 1001- 1500 $274.00 $1,813.12 $2,087.12 $208.71 $2,295.83
    E 1501-2000 $274.00 $2,550.75 $2,824.75 $282.48 $3,107.23
    F 2001-3000 $274.00 $2,799.64 $3,073.64 $307.36 $3,381.00
    G 3001- 4000 $274.00 $3,131.49 $3,405.49 $340.55 $3,746.04
    H 4001-5000 $274.00 $3,471.63 $3,745.63 $374.56 $4,120.19
    I 5001 plus $274.00 $3,845.79 $4,119.79 $411.98 $4,531.77

  • CCANSW Membership Members' Survey Part 3 underway

    The third of a series of surveys addressed to the CCANSW members' delegates is now underway.  It is framed around the topical question  "In what areas of operations do you or would you in the future find information or assistance useful?"

    Delegates who did not opt out of the previous survey will by now have received  an email with a link to the survey website. If you previously opted out but would like to participate in this survey, please contact the Secretary or yours truly so we can take steps to include you.





  • How councils in Wales are managing headstone safety

    The BBC has an informative article on the topic of unsafe headstones in cemeteries, specifically as managed by councils in Wales. writing for BBC News says while some councils already have policies in place, others are introducing new ones following the deaths of six people, including an eight-year-old boy from Glasgow, as a result of unsafe graves.  Neath Port Talbot is holding open days this week to answer any questions. Councils usually try to contact owners or place notices before taking action.

  • Networking events

    Social Events/Dinners:

    A harbour cruise has been organised for the Thursday night dinner.  Discover the world's most beautiful harbour and all it has to offer.  Explore and experience the spectacular sights and attractions on a magnificent cruises, while networking with clients and friends. Friday dinner is at a restaurant and bar which offers a distinctly premium experience to Sydneysiders.  The restaurant provides a sanctuary for locals and workers alike where guests can flock to eat, drink and play.  It’s a perfect spot to kick back and chat … a fitting conclusion to the conference. 

  • OpusXenta Global Death Care Tech Survey

    OpusXenta, a global technology company, wants to learn more about the use of business technologies in the death care profession. Currently, there is no other research on this topic. By taking this survey, you will help generate insights that you and others can use to run your businesses better.

  • Sydney Trade Exhibition 2021 Information


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