Neil Sherrin: “Enabling World Class Cemetery Management”

Neil will provide an introduction to how integrated georectified mapping and cemetery administration modules can help enable best practice in cemetery management. He'll consider the opportunity that presents for cemeteries in the 21st Century, with a focus on Part 4 of the Cemeteries and Crematoria Act 2013.

When Business Leaders, Finance, Sales, Marketing and Operations embrace a common and holistic management solution, widespread transformation of the operation and removal of barriers to more effective working practices are common outcomes.

Discover the potential for:

  • Smart organisational workflows
  • Unrivalled ROI from inventory audits
  • Accelerated sales processes enabled by live inventory data available for counselors selling in any location
  • A wide range of accounting reports and integrations to quickly give you the data you need

Neil is Head of Marketing at PlotBox and has been responsible for building out accomplished international marketing teams and strategies that deliver growth across diverse consumer and business to business markets. Neil is a regular presenter to leading death care audiences across the world.

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