Michael Williamson: “Unearthing the Right IT Tools – Cemetery Management Solutions, beyond just the record keeping”

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The obligations under Part 4 of the Act and associated regulations represent the latest compliance challenge for cemeteries in NSW. With increased complexity in the regulations that govern the sector, the time and cost involved in remaining (or becoming) compliant can be a significant burden for operators.

The challenge of increased compliance while playing an important role in the life of a modern cemetery, represents just one aspect of what is needed to meet increasing community expectations, maintain efficient operations and enable financial sustainability in changing times.

In our presentation we will work through the key challenges of compliance and discuss the critical role that technology can play in both sustaining and transforming the operations of the modern cemetery.

Whether your interest is focused on finding new ways to engage your community with more efficient online processes, embracing mobile technology, driving operational efficiency, or simply finding the tools to help you meet your compliance obligations, we can assist you with our innovative solutions.

At OpusXenta we are dedicated to working with the cemeteries, crematoria and funeral home sector to overcome the challenges of this rapidly changing industry through the use of our leading, purpose built technology.

Michael is Head of Sales, Australia and New Zealand for OpusXenta. He is an experienced technology executive and trusted solution advisor. With many years experience helping organisations navigate complex business requirements, his focus at OpusXenta is providing innovative solutions to the Cemetery, Crematoria and Funeral Home sectors. His aim is to work with leaders across the industry to deliver a complete set of digital solutions that provide a positive return on technology investments.

Michael Williamson: “Helping the Industry to thrive using innovative technology”

OpusXenta is a leading provider of integrated business solutions for the specific needs of the cemetery, crematoria and funeral home sector. An Australian success story with a culture of innovation, deep industry experience and a commitment to customer service, they bring a breadth of solution capability to the sector. In this brief presentation, Michael will provide an update on the latest developments from OpusXenta.

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