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Numbering of new interments

Hi all,


Our Council currently manages 6 fairly small country cemeteries, which in the past have been managed by various staff and no real consistency to processes used. We are currently reviewing this in an attempt to streamline all processes and services.  One issue we have is one of the cemeteries has not allocated Interment numbers for the Monumental Section- they have used Grave numbers only.  It's quite odd because in the lawn section for this cemetery they have used interment numbers as well as grave numbers.

In all other cemeteries we have allocated a grave number and an interment number.  We now have over 1000 burials in the monumental section which have no interment number and I am trying to work out the best way to manage moving forward. We don't have alot of demand for this area of the cemetery but it is still utilsied and I feel it would be an easy way to identify how many interments we have in this section as well as provide a unique ID number as obviously the burials that have taken place in the same plot (re-opening) don't have a unique ID at this stage.

Option 1) Continue as we are

Option 2) Start using interment numbers from this date that run numerically from the existing lawn section interment numbers (ie: next avialable) - which will leave the existing 1000 interments with no interment numbers

Option 3) Allocate a number to the existing interments but this would have to be separate to the current interment number system utilised in the lawn section which is currently up to approx. 800.  So we could adopt a numbering system that has a letter attached eg: 1M, 2M, 3M etc to make it obvious these refer to the Monumental section and don't double up on the existing numbering for the lawn section.


Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Pierre Duparte

Hi Sandy, Just a comment,not really an answer.

I've overseen similar migrations of cemetery allocation data, particularly when moving paper based register data to database management systems (DBMS),

The efforts were usually hampered by limited resources, particular HR. We always found the best way was to create a uniform allocation array in the database for all cemeteries.

Once that was in place, all new interments and reservations were allocated to the new DBMS system.

The paper based system was migrated (transcoded) into the DBMS as and when time permitted. We also created fields in the database to preserve the old allocation & interment numbers from the paper based system.

I think this is along the lines of  Option 2)

Cheers Pierre

- Pierre Duparte - 2 years ago


Hi Sandy

There is no right or wrong way to solve the issue.    From my perspective your Option 3) seems to be a practical way forward


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