vicsustain.jpgMoonah Memorial Walk at Queenscliff Cemetery

After extensive community consultation, botanical assessment and thoughtful environmental planning, the Geelong Cemeteries Trust has restored a nature reserve within a protected Coastal Moonah Woodland Area as Stage 1 of a planned larger redevelopment. The site, known as the Moonah Memorial Walk, offers graves and cremation memorials in a beautiful natural setting.

A canopy of Moonah, Coast Wirilda, Coast Tea-tree and Coast Beard-heath provide shelter to understory shrubs, grasses, herbs, mosses and lichens. Sweeping paths are made of crushed local limestone. Mature Moonah trees have been enhanced by the addition of over 1500 additional trees, shrubs and understory plants. The endangered woodland is now home to a variety of fauna and flora, while providing a unique environment for burial and cremation memorials. Small bats, echidnas, fiddler beetles, ringtail possums, birds all now inhabit the environment, whilst native ants move Wirilda seeds around and wasps pollinate the orchids. Now a habitat for an endangered woodland, the site is a unique environment for burial and cremation memorials.

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