Mia Armitage writing for the The Northern Star tells us Australia's aging population continues to feature in political and community debate but one Northern Rivers council has confronted the lesser discussed subsequent issue of death.

Graves were running out and were sometimes too expensive, staff at Richmond Valley Council found after a 2014 survey of cemeteries in the shire.

Casino, a rural town about 30 kilometres west of Lismore, had enough graves to serve another 55 years of burials; nearby Evans Head had enough to serve 54 years and Coraki could serve another 121, minutes from a December council meeting showed.

To the young and healthy, 50 years might sound like a long time but council staff identified a serious "need for available spaces and affordable alternatives for an aging population”, the minutes read.

"A shift in interment preferences could significantly extend the operational life of Council's existing cemeteries.

NB: The article refers to the 2016/2017 REVENUE POLICY AMENDMENT - CEMETERY FEES AND CHARGES AND CHARGES report tabled at the Council's meeting on 20th December 2016.


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