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What kind of of container is needed for cremated remains?

Following cremation, what type of container should I purchase to store the ashes of a deceased person who has been cremated?


Usually when cremated remains (ashes) are given to the family or the nominated funeral director by the crematorium operator, the ashes will already be in a container.  Often this will be a plastic rectangular box, about the size of a shoe box.  It will have a removable lid or top, so that the ashes can be transferred later to another container or accessed for scattering or placing within a memorial.

Families wishing to use a different container can often access them from the crematorium or cemetery or funeral director.  Different styles are available.  Urns (ash containers) might be available in a variety of materials e.g. plastic, hardwood, granite, pottery, stone, marble, bronze, copper, cardboard etc.

Just which one is appropriate will be determined by your tastes, preferences and what you plan to do with the ashes.

If you intend to place the ashes in a cemetery garden or wall it is worthwhile checking with the cemetery or crematorium operator to find out what size containers will fit in the position you plan to use.  Alternatively if your plan is to scatter the ashes, make sure the container you use is not only secure but also able to be opened easily to allow the scatter to occur.

Memorial Urns

Decorative urns often made of hardwood, granite, pottery, stone, marble, bronze, copper or other materials are available. Your local crematorium, cemetery or funeral director should be able to assist you.

The CCANNSW Business Directory also lists  cremation urn suppliers




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