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Do I get the correct cremation remains?

How do we know we get the right cremated remains (ashes)?


Crematoria operators are required to have clear processes for tracking the cremation process. When the coffin is delivered to the crematorium, the Application Form details will be checked against the coffin nameplate. The case is allocated a number.

Each cremator furnace is designed to only hold one coffin at a time. When that cremation finishes the remains are racked out of the cremator chamber into a cooling tray. Once the ashes cool they will be processed.

Processing involves removing “non-human remains” e.g. items like metallic knee implants etc, that did not dissolve during the cremation.

The human remains (ashes and larger bone fragments) are then placed within a special machine, which reduces all material to a similar size. Those ashes are then placed in a container and labelled. Throughout the process care is taken to ensure that the identification paper/number is kept with the case and then the processed ashes.


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