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Does the person who pays for the interment right own the interment right?

When a cemetery allotment was paid for by the funeral director, do they actually hold the rights to the allotment? If this is the case, if the funeral director's client pays the funeral director,  would the cemetery then be able to grant her the rights to the allotment?


A family who buried a man in a NSW cemetery in 2017. 

As yet the funeral director has not been paid. The funeral directors  paid the cemetery for the allotment.

At the time of organising the burial the man's sister was going to sign the paperwork to be the exclusive rights holder.

The man's defacto stepson was, apparently, quite forceful and adamant he was to be granted the interment rights. The man's sister then allowed the defacto stepson to sign for the interment rights.

Now, five years later, there is no headstone or plaque at the graveside.

The man's sister is wanting to install a headstone and plaque for her brother but is worried that as the man's defacto stepson is quite violent and in and out of jail she doesn't want to just do it, he intimidates her and makes death threats.


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