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How and where can I commemorate or memorialize a loved one who has been cremated?

I need to finalise the arrangements for someone's cremated remains. What are my options?


Really this is a matter of personal tastes and preferences.

Most cemeteries will provide for the placement of cremated remains (ashes) within graves or special positions designed specifically for ash placement e.g. walls, garden beds, around trees, under or adjacent to rocks etc.  The position is usually able to be identified with a plaque or marker, to recognise the name and some details of the person.  It provides somewhere to visit, to remember the deceased.

Placing ashes within a cemetery also has the advantage that it enables a record of that placement to be made within the cemetery register. This ensures that the related details are available to future generations e.g. for genealogical research and family history.

Alternatively a virtual memorial might be created social media or purposed web sites.  Doing so does create a readily accessible tribute to be posted.  It does not necessarily provide a permanent record or access to future family historians or provide somewhere to securely place the ashes.



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