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How many individuals can a member register for access to the website?

My organisation is a CCANSW member.There are board members and staff who'd benefit from access to the CCANSW members' only website sections.

How many can register from one organisation for access? Or can we have a single log in.


A member organisation may nominate as many members of staff, boards etc as required. There are two ways to do that:

Self registration

Elegible persons should be registered as a CCANSW website use. Registration is straigh forward - 

  1. Visit the log in page
  2. Click "Don't have an account?"
  3. Complete and submit the form.

We monitor new registrations. If the email domain used in the registration is a members we will follow up about the level of elevated "members only" access.

Alternatively the member's primary delegate should make us aware of the persons registration and desired access.

Send us the names

The member's primary delegate can forward the FULL names and email addresses of those who should have website registration with members' only access.

We'll do the rest.

Use the contact form to send us the information.

SIngle account/ multiple users access

Currently we discourage this, mainly because of security concerns and website protection systems in place.

Each registered user account must have a unique, valid email address in its credentials.

Logins a monitored. If "suspicious" activity is detected, such as numerous silmutaneous logins, the site's security software may de-activate the account.



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